Fantastic Music at the Rosefestival

We are happy to announce Stone Bread to be a music act playing at the Biggenden APEX Rosefestival 2018. Stone bread has come to life following 6 months of home rehearsal in Hervey Bay, Qld. Their debut performance at the Fraser coast FM radio 25th Anniversary being a great success.

These girls are a perfect match, having different musical backgrounds, they bring to the table the combination and together have created some most pleasing cover arrangements of well known songs and instrumentals, that promise to satisfy the ears & hearts of a wide audience.

Barry Charles
Experience the music of Barry Charles at the Rosefestival.
Barry Charles is an extreme vocalist. Renowned as a blues artist, singer and songwriter, his unique vocal style, prolific song writing and innovative guitar work have made him an icon of the Sunshine Coast Community.
Well known for performing with sincerity and passion. His unique interpretation of other artists material is well known respectfully stamping them as his own, his original songs are also noteworthy as capsules of life experiences. 
Frank Benn Trio
Meet the unique Frank Benn Trio at the Rosefestival. The Frank Benn Trio was formed 10 years ago in Hervey bay Queensland. With a unique funk coastal groove that sit’s in the pocket of any atmosphere, there is something foot tapping for everyone’s taste. With two studio recorded albums recorded in Gympie Qld, and Pacific international studios Hervey bay , entitled (Visual Images) and (The Rock). Live Performances are something the Frank Benn trio Thrive on with an energy felt ambiance from start to finish.
Bones & Co
We further welcome Country Singers, our Rosefestival MC and multi talents Bones & Co. from far away Booyal. With 40 years of performance experience and originally, from the Lithgow, Bathurst area, Bones & Co. has performed in Sydney, Canberra and Parkes and many regional places. Now they live at Booyal and play around the Bundy region and regularly take their music to the outback. Playing mostly Australian Country, but also some soft rock/pop songs, Eagles and Creedence Clearwater Revival.
During the Rosefestival on October 20th 2018 the music will not stop with live acts from 2pm until late.