Inaugurated in 1967

The biennial Biggenden Rose Festival was inaugurated in 1967. It took its inspiration from the rose beds constructed along the centre of Edwards Street in 1954 in commemoration of the Shire's pioneers.

In 1959, to mark Queensland's centenary, many towns held festivals and parades with decorated floats. The success of the Biggenden procession was such that many felt it would help to promote Biggenden and district if such a festival was held on a regular basis. A committee was formed led by Frank Bayldon (president), Ester Cook (secretary) and Jean Collins (treasurer).

After some discussion it was decided that as the rose beds in our main street attracted attention, the name of the festival would be The Biggenden Rose Festival. It was felt that it would enhance the image of the town.

Originally, the festival was over three days with the judging of the Festival Queen on the Friday evening. On Saturday a street parade was followed by entertainment at the showground. An important feature was the Rose Show on Saturday morning which attracted competition from the surrounding districts. After a while the festival was extended to embrace two weekends with the running of races at the Degilbo race track. Through the week were such activities as an Art Show, a concert, a farm field day and the presentation of awards. It was decided to defer the 1987 festival for one year so as to coincide with the Australian Bicentennial celebrations.


Recent Rose Gardening

Replanting the Biggenden Rose Gardens with Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry Coleby-Williams was asked to help rejuvenate the Rose Gardens. He said they were a lovely bit of heritage. "It's wonderful, a love of plants can bring people together. We are not finishing a project today but starting a garden, thank you for inviting me to begin your journey."


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